Our Vision

"Make products that people are proud
to wear without any distractions."

Keith Davis, CEO

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Through 400+ years of slavery, segregation, police brutality, and systemic racism, there is one thing we are still fighting for – BLACK LIVES MATTER! This year, along with years in the past, we have seen protests, deaths, violence, and tears as we collectively fight for this truth to be recognized and acknowledged by all. We must not lose sight that our lives matter, our children’s lives matter…

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Matter is the minimum. Throughout our history, we as the African-American community have proven that we more than just matter, we are conquerors! We have risen up from the bonds that have been placed on us by society and we have brought about the change that we deserve! We have overcome the odds that have been set against us. We are the Black Horse.

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As we continue to evolve, we must stay true to our roots and to our movement. The Pure Black Brand brings confidence and courage to your movement, while providing comfort for your body.